Myrto Farmaki: Dining Evolution

Identity and cinematics exist in a haunted interrelation creating a space where the invisible arises only from the visible, for that which is seen is marked out by that which never comes to presence. When we justify something and place it within a frame, everything else that might be there is elided. Dining Evolution features 10 characters in a revolving portrait of an inherited life slowly revealing the illusion behind the characters existence.  The film is formed of circular movements sabotaging fixed notions of character, action or plot – challenging the viewer to absorb both difference and sameness, visible and invisible within an extended, singular and elliptical image.



Myrto Farmaki, born in 1987 in Greece, is an artist, filmmaker and researcher based in London. Graduate from the Masters in Experimental Film at Kingston University where she is also currently preparing a PhD with a focus in cinema and identity as an interchangeable haunted space plotted by the enigmatic traces of proliferating spectres. Her work has been featured in various spaces around Asia and Europe asking both formal and structural questions relative to the medium of film and its spectrality, exploring new models of psycho-screen study.


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