Jeremiah Ambrose: Systems of Seeing

As a praxis for virtual gaze interaction this installation uses a digital representation of an art replica as an interface for emergent filmic experience. The act of looking at a virtual version of this replica spatially shifts the user, creating connections between their gaze and the space that surrounds them.



Working in the areas of digital art, media futures and experimental practice, Jeremiah’s research cements ideas explored in both his MSc in Interactive Digital Media and his MPhil in Film Theory and History. Currently he is in the final stages of a practice-based PhD looking at emergent narratives and interaction aesthetics in VR and interactive 360° film at the University of Brighton. He also lectures on the University of Brighton’s MA in Digital Media Arts, guest lectures on UAL’s MA Games Design and tutors on UCL’s practice-based VR/360° Film MA in Immersive Factual Storytelling.


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