Emma Gradin: The ‘Information Antechamber’ Applied to Itself

This meta-version of Gradin’s curatorial tool-in-development: the ‘information antechamber’, is an immersive projection of visual material to introduce her practice-based research on using visual material instead of the usual written statement to introduce exhibitions. This in an effort to avoid explaining too much, or cloaking artworks in theory, and thus compressing and speeding up the experience of art in galleries.

The slow flow of images and metaphors pace the experience and allow a suitably complex fluidity to presenting research in progress. It is also an experiment on the strengths and weaknesses of using only visual material to introduce ideas and a larger context.



Emma Gradin is an independent curator and research student at Chelsea College of Art developing and deploying curatorial strategies founded on extended states of not-knowing and creative suspension in the current context of time-shortness and accelerated productivity/consumption.


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